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Here’s how to play: choose a character you like from the five possible roles. Learn the material for the part (a short monologue and song) and film yourself performing it. Send it in to me, and I will assemble multiple cast versions of this mini musical and post them on our IGTV channel. Fun! 


 Here's the Apartment 3B Guidelines, in greater detail:

For the Actors!


1. Read the short script.

2. Select a character (or characters!) you like. As you will see, any part can be played by any person. Choose whichever role makes you happy.

3. Memorize your part of the script (your selected monologue).

4. Listen to the rough demos of the songs to hear how they go.

5. Listen to the karaoke song associated with your character, and practice with it

6. Look at the sheet music (simple piano vocal score) for your song.

7. Practice your song with the piano track. All of the songs are intentionally short *


8. Get together your best performance of the part. You can be as imaginative as you like, use costumes, sets, props, anything you think makes your performance as fun and unique as possible.**

9. You can film with your iphone, just have the camera positioned horizontally when you film. I can only incorporate performances filmed HORIZONTALLY.

10.  When filming on your iphone, in the phone settings under Camera select “4K @ 30fps” or “1080p HD at 30fps” if you don’t see a 4K option. This will give good quality.

11. Under the same camera menu under formats select “Most Compatible” (not “High Efficiency”.)

12. Film the monologue and song, using the piano track as underscoring when you sing. It is best to use a separate speaker for the piano track playback when recording your song.


13.  Send the film of your performance of the monologue and song to me by WeTransfer at:

14.  Label your monologue/song with your part, and name as you would want it to appear in the credit. (For example: LoverA_Bessie_Framstein). Include in your message your Instagram handle.


15.  I’ll select and assemble the tapes into casts and post as many alternate interpretations as possible. I hope to see many incarnations and inventions of the characters in Apartment 3B!

16.  This is just for fun. It’s not a paying gig. By sending in your tape, you are giving me permission to post and incorporate you into the Apartment 3B universe.

17.  Watch the developing alternate performances as they appear on the Apt3B IGTV

18.  Share Apartment 3B with your friends. @Apartment_3B_musical, 

19.  Check back in later for the next installment of new Apartment 3B scripts and songs to participate in.

20.  Repeat!


*If the piano accompaniment is not in your key – feel free to shift it into your range. Pop the piano accompaniment of the song you selected into to adjust the piano track to your key, and use that modified version for your recording. You can shift the key in this application without changing the tempo. Please don’t change the tempo. It’s a free app.


**Obviously, when we say “fun” you still have to remain within the community standards of decency in your performance. You know, the common-sense stuff.

For the Musicians!

Not just for actors!

If you are a musician, and would like to join in on your instrument, feel free to record a part to accompany any of the songs on whatever instrument you play, WeTransfer it to me, and I will do my best to incorporate and mix your contribution into the music.  Please label your file with the character the music is associated with, your name as you would like it to appear in a credit, and the instrument (for example TheLandlord_Theodore_McCracken_Accordion). Include your Instagram handle in your message so I can credit you.

You would WeTransfer it to me at

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